reading a foreign language: yeah
writing in a foreign language: ok
listening to a foreign language: wait
speaking in a foreign language: fuck

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Unknown author
Once, there was a boy who loved to read. He read everything he could get his hands on, and loved going to his favorite book store. One day, the boy realized he had read everything the store had to offer. He confronted the owner, and asked him if he had anything the boy had never checked out. The owner said why, yes, I do, and pulled out a book called “Death”. He gladly sold it to the boy at a discounted price of 50$.
However, he warned the boy, never to read the front page. Well, the boy returned to his house and read the book, and he was content. However, he always wondered, what could be on that front page, it was always in the back of his mind. One day, the temptation was too much for the boy, and he flipped to the very front of the book, and dropped the book in HORROR.
There, in bold print, was MSRP 7.99$
Both My Parents Were Surgeons And I Used To Talk To Furniture


Another great reddit no sleep story. 

This one will really shock you.

by reddit user invictus1988

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ふたりの秘密9~病んでる彼~Futari no Himitsu 9~Yandere Boyfriend~
Release date: 2013/10/31 cv: 村上たつや (aka Takeuchi Ken)Price: ¥2000(+tax)
It’s been half a year since you began dating Kent and recently, his personality has changed. He asks you relentlessly about men you knew in the past, and makes you report to him whenever you go out.
"Since when did he become such a possessive person?"
It started one day when Kent tried to restrain you as you tried to go to the convenience store, saying he erased your phone and presents you with a new phone with himself as the sole contact.
"Because you belong to me alone."
And thus, his true nature reveals itself…….

Koi. Shikarubeki volume 2 ~Shinohara Souta-hen~

This series is R-18!! The sample voice is up (please use your earphones/headphones)! 
CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)Date of release: 8 October 2014Preorder: Amazon JP, Animate Online, Stellaworth

If only they could just remove those stripes, Hakogaku uniform would have been perfect…
I added the vest because I like blazer uniforms with vests.